Having an understanding

Having an understanding of your credit file, credit activity, and your current Credit Score is important. Especially if you are entering into new finance contracts

Damage may have been done to your credit file during financial separation without you being aware. It can occur by not paying the mortgage on time, missing a utilities bill payment, or even because you have not received a “reminder” notice, and the insurance or phone bill has become overdue.
To prevent you from inadvertently defaulting on any credit facilities, be sure to redirect your mail, or ensure your bills are sent to your email.
If you wish to check your credit file, here are some reputable sites which can provide you with a free credit check:




A negative credit score may impact a variety of financial transactions you can do in the future, including home approvals, car loan (asset finance) and credit limit increases/changes.

By understanding your credit score and being aware of any negative credit history, you will be better positioned to ensure a successful outcome on your next Credit Application.

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