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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If
you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

No, the banks pay us for introducing clients to them.

Yes, we can save you time, because putting a loan together can be a little complicated and whether you go directly to a bank or use us you will need to supply the same documentation for all the banks as specified by ASIC regulations.
However, once you have given the information to us we do the rest for you so you can get on with your life and not stress. We package the application and submit the documents to the lender. We tell them about your situation and why you should be given the loan you have applied for. We organise all the paper work for the settlement and we’ll guide you through so all you need to do is read it and sign.
We explain the processes to you and do the negotiations on your behalf. We continue to give ongoing support and you can ask questions at any time and remember, there is no such thing as a “silly question”!

Yes we can.
Just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to do some calculations for you, if you prefer to do it yourself, we have a range of calculators on website which will help you to find out.

We’ll help you with pre-approval.
Some lenders have been known to pre-approve someone in two hours but usually it takes three working days to get a response from the bank.

Several aspects of our services are unique. We actually listen to our clients as we believe it is the most important aspect of any business relationship – understanding your needs, what your goals are and helping you to reach them.
We love helping people to achieve their dreams and can tailor your loan, from the most appropriate bank to best suit your situation.

Yes we can.
It depends on the lender and their volume of work.
Having said that the more information submitted to the bank on application the quicker it usually is approved.
The normal time span can be anything from two business days to ten business days, depending on whether or not you require a valuation

Yes, we can do both, we have an office in Phillip ACT, which has free and convenient parking (and we’ll also buy you a coffee).
This means you can come to us or we can come to your home at a convenient time.
*Please note* we cater for after hours appointments, both in the office and at your home to ensure you can see us at a time that suits you best.

Once we know exactly what your needs are and based on the information you give us on how much you can borrow, we send you some product comparisons.
We then outline the lenders that have the best rates and conditions to suit your needs, but you get to make the final choice.

This depends on the lender. Sometimes the lender will release the valuation and we will then happily provide you with a copy.
If they just tell us what the valuation amount was then we will share that information with you.

We specialise in guiding first home buyers through the whole process and into their dream home.
We do all the hard work for you and help you each step of the way until you take possession of the keys.
Buying your first home is an exciting yet complicated process.
We are dedicated to helping you obtain the most appropriate home loan at the lowest rates with the least hassle.
We breakdown each step of the process and ensure that you are well informed throughout the transaction.


Yes, We can help you with a construction loan, and we can help you with the maths so that you are fully informed before you make any major decisions.

Communication is our strong suit
We keep you informed during each step of the process, and we regularly touch base with the banks once the loan has been submitted to find out what the progress is, and of course pass this on to you.